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A gift box from Pugnuts is just the thing to remind friends "from away" about the fun they had in Maine this summer, or to invite them to come have fun next summer!  Heck, you might just want one of these for yourself!  Either way, a 12 ounce package of whole bean Pugnuts blend coffee, a t-shirt and three of our super-sized 1/4 pound Pugnutty Chocolate Chip cookies will be a delight to open this season!

Choose the size t-shirt you prefer, and we'll have your box on your way in a jiffy.  The base price includes one t-shirt for your gift-box.  If you want to include more than one t-shirt, purchase them separately and let us know in your instruction box if they are to be included with the gift box.   If you have any questions, please call Pugnuts at 207-412-0086 and speak with a representative, or email us at sales@pugnuts.com.

Gift boxes are available for shipping only to continental United States.